African Murmurations
The series African Murmurations is a body of work emerging out of the artist's impressions while traveling Southern Africa by safari, bush planes, and down the Zambezi River. The suite is an oeuvre of impressed oil paint on paper creating a hybrid an image of print, drawing and painting. Many images employ the addition of gouache, oil pastels, collages of acrylic substrates or torn paper.
The Izabella Suite is an oeuvre of large black and white drawings in oil on paper.
The flexibility and opacity of the oil medium provides an impasto effect to the lines and a tactile quality to the negative spaces usually associated with oil paintings. The spontaneous graphic images associated with mark making dominate the paper and evoke mythical and metaphorical themes.
Izabella addendum
The Jaxen Suite is a body of large color drawings in oil on paper.
Multiple clear pigmented colors are used to expand on the mark making gestures initiated in the Izabella Suite. The use of colored line was explored and extended throughout the images.

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